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Grip Leather - Home Of Grip Right Swing Right And Shammy Leather

Grip Right Swing Right

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Grip right swing right are M. Hankin and W. Gonzalez 

Out from the ashes of Let's Wrestle come Grip Right Swing Right the 1st band from Wez and Mike! This band is more acoustic than Let's Wrestle though all the old Let's Wrestle songs have been transferred aswell. Grip Right Swing Right is our go at doing a mixture of the elephant 6 bands (Neutral Milk Hotel, The Music Tapes and Olivia Tremor Control) and Grandaddy hope you like it.
We now have a "Myspace" go to and add us!
We will be in session for Leave The Capitol on Rare Fm (87.7 FM) or you can listen online at It will be broadcast on the October the 2nd at 9pm.
If you have anything to ask or want us to play at some show your putting on or something like that e-mail :
 Will deffinatly have some more gigs soon check and if there is still this message check again and they will be up there then.

grip it and swing it